Portals at Google Entrepreneurship Hubs and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

During the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley (June 22-24), Google for Entrepreneurs is hosting Portals at the Summit at Stanford and three of its entrepreneurship hubs around the world in Mexico City, London, and Seoul. During the Summit, Portals will connect policy makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators with each other. 

Each Portal is a gold shipping container equipped with immersive audio and video technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in an identical Portal somewhere else on Earth and can converse live, full-body, making eye contact, as if in the same room.

Each Portal is placed in a Google for Entrepreneurs hub that hosts a strong community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Individuals or groups will be able to enter each Portal and converse with all others. The participants in the other Portals will be a member of the London, Mexico City, Seoul, or Silicon Valley community. Just like you, they’re looking to build new connections and are curious to learn about your city, ideas, experiences, and goals.