Portal at Grand Park

April 2017

Grand Park Olive Court (near the fountain)
200 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012


What time did you wake up today? What do you do for work? How do you prepare your favorite meal? Angelenos can describe moments of everyday life – the sights, smells, and experiences to another place or country. The Portals Project brings an immersive space – a gold shipping container with screens and speakers – to connect Angelenos to faces and places that are curious about L.A. life.  Exchange thoughts, ideas, recommendations for music, recipes, and anything in between in this two-week activation.

Daily hours announced on March 13. Staff will be available for translation services.


April 10: 8am-10am - Berlin
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City

April 11: 8am-10am - Gaza
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City - Writer’s workshop 12-1pm

April 12: 8am-10am - Amman
                12pm-2pm - Berlin - Musical connection

April 138am-10am - Erbil
12pm-2pm - Mexico City, lunchtime concert 12-1pm

April 14: 8am-10am - Kabul
                 8pm-10pm - Mumbai, Musical connection

April 15: 8am-10am - Isfahan
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City

April 168am-10am - Berlin
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City

April 178am-10am - Kigali
                12pm-2pm - El Progreso

April 188am-10am - Gaza
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City, Writer's workshop 12-1pm

April 19: 8am-10am - Erbil
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City, musical connection

April 20: 8am-10am - Isfahan 
                12pm-2pm - Berlin, lunchtime concert 12-1pm

April 218am-10am - Amman
                 8pm-10pm - Yangon, musical connection

April 228am-10am - Amman
                12pm-2pm - El Progreso

April 238am-10am - Kigali
                12pm-2pm - Mexico City

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