A Portal Screen Connecting Austin and Mexico City

During South By Southwest 2017

March 9 - 11 from 12PM - 5:30PM

Casa Mexico aims to display Mexico’s status as a global leader in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as a modern country with a vast and diverse culture and traditions.

SXSW is a festival in Austin Texas with more than 30 years of history. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors gather at SXSW to promote new technologies, art, culture, music and cinema. In one week SXSW hosts more than 350 thousand people from 89 countries. Last year, SXSW’s social media reached over 78.7 million people.


For more information, to schedule a visit, make press inquiries, or organize an event:

Contact Amar C. Bakshi in Austin at Amar@SharedStudios.com or 202-431-1144, and

Tomas Ramirez in Mexico City at Tomas@SharedStudios.com. The Portal in Mexico City is located at Museo Tamayo. More information here.


The Austin Portal Screen is located at the Mexican American Cultural Center at 600 River St. Austin, TX 78701. When you arrive, walk toward the main stage. The Portal Screen will be behind you underneath a main staircase. Call Amar with questions at 202-431-1144.