About the Portals Criminal Justice Dialogues

Portals criminal justice dialogues are conversations between communities around the U.S. and Mexico about how people feel about their police. Participants are asked to consider the following prompt:

There is a great deal in the news about how police interact with people in the communities where they work. How do you feel about police in your community?

Participants in these dialogues are asked to consent to being videotaped as part of this study. If a participant agrees to the recording, researchers at Yale University will use the videotape for aggregate data analysis to understand common themes that emerge during these conversations about experiences with police. The researchers will keep the video files on a secured server that only the principal investigators have access to. To protect participants' confidentiality, the researchers will not ever use the video in presentations based on their research. They will hire professional transcribers to transcribe the video. The electronic video files will be destroyed at the completion of the study in May 2018. There will be no permanent videotape of these conversation, only the transcribed written version (held in a locked file at Yale University). 

Learn more about the dialogues here.