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3Dmena and Refugee Open Ware harness advanced technology, co-creation and open innovation to reduce suffering, fulfill basic needs, and accelerate inclusive development in fragile and conflict-affected areas. Their mission is to catalyze investment in humanitarian technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, with and for conflict-affected communities. They seek to maximize the social return on this investment by integrating it into long-term economic development strategies. Specifically, they believe conflict-affected countries can leapfrog historical development pathways by grasping the opportunities of the next industrial revolution, which could generate the greatest economic transformation in human history.
ROW creates opportunities for conflict-affected communities to participate in this revolution, through R&D, training and startups that leverage the technology driving it – technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the internet of things, brain-computer interface, and virtual/augmented reality. At its most fundamental level, the approach is to promote peace and stability through dignity and purpose. They focus on fragile and conflict-affected areas, where instability has resulted in unfathomable deprivation and suffering, and where vicious cycles of violence, poverty and disaffection are most challenging to break.

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