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With the Home_Portal, you can share a morning cup of coffee every day with grandma, even though she's across the country. You can make eye contact and move about as if you were sharing the same room. You can engage officemates across the world, as if standing at the same water cooler. And these Home_Portals can also be left on 24x7, creating wormholes through the world.

The Home_Portal can connect through all major videoconferencing platforms, and can connect to computers, mobiles, and other devices. To achieve the live, full-body experience, a Home_Portal must exist at both connected locations.

The Home_Portal arrives as a complete package — a simple black briefcase that you can carry easily and plug-and-play. The Home_Portal can also be used to connect to LCD or LED displays, though this requires additional on-site customization.

Email us at Portals@SharedStudios.com to receive our pricing sheet and get your Home_Portal now. Alternatively, fill out the form below and we'll reach right out to you.