Biamp Systems Powers Portals Audio

Shared_Studios is proud to partner exclusively with Biamp Systems to elevate the quality of audio used across the Portals network. Through Biamp’s Devio® technology, participants in various Portals experience conversations as they unfold, providing a real-time, real-life experience. This enables people at different points on the planet to seamlessly create, collaborate, and play as if they’re in the same room together.

Shared_Studios is proud to work with Biamp – an industry leader in the pro-audio/video industry – to ensure all Portal conversations, interactions, and performances are heard and felt, from Herat to Honduras, Berlin to Brooklyn, and beyond.

Biamp designs, manufactures, and delivers audio and video technology that foster more productive communications around the world. Their technology powers the world’s most sophisticated audio/video installations and can be experienced in corporate boardrooms and conference centers, performing arts venues and stadiums, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, campuses, and multi-building facilities. From software design and development, to materials management and manufacturing, and to in-depth testing and quality assurance, Biamp owns and manage the entire process, and are committed to creating products that drive the evolution of communication.


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