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North America

Baltimore, USA
Brooklyn, USA
Chicago, USA
Colorado Springs, USA
New York, USA (Times Square) coming 10/17
Los Angeles, USA
Milwaukee, USA
Mission, USA
San Francisco, USA

South & Central America

Mexico City, Mexico
Panama City, Panama coming 10/17
San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Kigali, Rwanda
Nairobi, Kenya


Berlin, Germany
Malaga, Spain coming 10/17

Middle East

Amman, Jordan
Erbil, Iraq
Gaza City, Palestine
Sari, Iran coming 10/17

Asia & Australia

Adelaide, Australia coming 10/17
Astana, Kazakhstan
Herat, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
Mumbai, India coming 10/17
Seoul, South Korea coming 10/17

Yangon, Myanmar

If you don't have a Portal nearby and want to bring one to your community, please explore this page and get in touch.