A conversation between a woman in a Portal in Berlin, Germany and a man in a Portal in Herat, Afghanistan (May 2016).

A conversation between a woman in a Portal in Berlin, Germany and a man in a Portal in Herat, Afghanistan (May 2016).

A Portal Connecting Campus London to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, Campus Seoul, and Centraal, Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Partner in Mexico City

June 22 - 24, 2016

Campus London

4-5 Bonhill St,
Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BX
United Kingdom


About Portals at Global Entrepreneurship Hubs

Google for Entrepreneurs is bringing Portals to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley (June 22-24) and connecting attendees to entrepreneurship hubs around the world in London, Mexico City, and Seoul. Enter a Portal and connect with policy makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in a distant location, as if in the same room. Share big ideas. Get a different perspective. Collaborate with a new friend.

Each Portal is a gold shipping container equipped with immersive audio and video technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in an identical Portal somewhere else on Earth and can converse live, full-body, making eye contact, as if in the same room.

Each Portal is placed in a Google for Entrepreneurs tech hub that hosts a strong community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Individuals or groups will be able to enter each Portal and converse with all others. The participants in the other Portals will be a member of the London, Mexico City, Seoul, or Silicon Valley community. Just like you, they’re looking to build new connections and are curious to learn about your city, ideas, experiences, and goals.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is focused on deepening ties between business leaders, foundations, and entrepreneur communities from around the world. Introduced in 2009, President Obama and The White House host this annual event filled with speakers and workshops for 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. This is the 7th GES event and the first time the event will be held in Silicon Valley.

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Google for Entrepreneurs is a global outreach effort to empower startups and entrepreneurs around the world. It works to foster entrepreneurship in local communities and focus on equipping startups with products, technology, and free and open access to high quality content to help them succeed. The team runs over 50 efforts in over 100 countries. It partners with leading organizations and also runs its own programs like Campus spaces

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Campuses are Google's spaces for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world. At Campus London and Campus Seoul, entrepreneurs get unparalleled access to mentorship and trainings led by their local startup community, experienced entrepreneurs, and teams from Google. 

Campuses are part of a global network including Campus London, Campus Tel Aviv, Campus Seoul, Campus Madrid, Campus São Paulo, and Campus Warsaw. 

Centraal is a coworking space, a meeting place, and home to number of startups and professionals in the Mexican startup ecosystem. Centraal operates inspiring spaces to generate the best environment to foster the exchange of ideas and to promote the development of multiple communities. Through its many programs, events, and partnerships, Centraal is a reference point in the Latin American startup ecosystem.  Centraal is a proud member of the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network.

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