Forge meaningful connections

Create a global dialogue on any topic, from climate change to video games. Interactions range from light-hearted games to thought-provoking conversations using prompts such as “What would make today a good day for you?” Or “What makes you feel proud?”

Activate public space

Bring people to your stores, cafes, and restaurants, and keep them there for dialogues, performances, and live events. From Times Square to Mexico’s Chapultepec Park, Portals have found a home among the world’s busiest intersections.

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Share your culture

Show the world what makes your community unique. Describe and display your culture to the world in your own terms through classes, joint artistic collaborations, performances and more. 

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See the impact of Portals in the Amani Community of Milwaukee, USA. The Portal is in the 53206 zip code, which has the highest black male incarceration rate in America.

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