Dance & Movement


Choreograph across digital and physical space

Rappers in the Herat Portal in Afghanistan free-style with experimental dancers improvising at the University of Maryland Portal.

Jonah Bokaer and James Koroni, of Chez Bushwick, Inc, perform their amazing new piece in the Portal live for participants in Tehran. James Koroni performed live for his family in Tehran. They had never seen him perform live before. James wrote: "Life has thrown me a gift."


Artists with Vistar Magazine created this dance for audiences at Portals around the world. When you watch it in a Portal, it looks as though these Cuban artists are dancing live, full-body, in the same room as you


Teach and learn movements, including yoga


Yoga instructors in Kigali and Chicago teach one another new movements.

UN - Hip Hop Loves - 29.jpg

Hip Hop loves at the United Nations Portal teaching healing moves to Syrian refugees in Zarqa, Jordan.


Dance parties


Dance party at Miami Portal.

Dancers in Chicago collaborate with dancers at the University of Maryland.