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Google for Entrepreneurs is a global outreach effort to empower startups and entrepreneurs around the world. It works to foster entrepreneurship in local communities and focus on equipping startups with products, technology, and free and open access to high quality content to help them succeed. The team runs over 50 efforts in over 100 countries. It partners with leading organizations and also runs its own programs likeCampus spaces.  

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Stanford University is one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. It is located in Stanford, California.


This annual event, hosted by the United States, focuses on connecting global entrepreneurs with the access and exchange needed to create and innovate, we unleash their power to change the world. The 2016 Summit will be the 7th installment in a series previously hosted by the United States and the governments of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya.  In bringing the Summit back to the United States, President Obama highlights his commitment to building bridges that help us tackle global challenges together.