Colorado Springs, USA

Located at the Pioneer Museum
215 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

This Portal is hosted by Imagination Celebration, producer of the annual What IF…Festival of Innovation and Imagination.  Colorado Springs is home to the United States Olympic Committee, the Olympic Training Center, and a famous 14,114 foot mountain - Pikes Peak - known as America’s Mountain.  The Colorado Springs Portal is on the grounds of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, which portrays the history and culture of the Pikes Peak Region in exhibits emphasizing the unique character of this uncommon Front Range community.

Imagination Celebration, a 28 year old nonprofit organization, connects people of all ages to the brain-stimulating, community-building, life-enriching power of creativity, and via many programs, to a mountain of talent in the Pikes Peak region.   Imagination Celebration inspires artistic and intellectual curiosity and engages the community in collaborative experiences.  One project, the What IF…Festival,  celebrates lifelong learning and engages the community with the innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Pikes Peak region. The What IF… Festival, the only event of its kind, is a silo-busting, bridge-building, event fostering intellectual vitality by welcoming thousands of participants to creatively engage with businesses, nonprofits, artists, scientists, engineers, performers, athletes, educators, ranchers/farmers, architects, tinkerers, visionaries and students of all ages.