Andover Portal

The Andover_Portal is hosted by Andover Public Schools, the Andover Coalition for Education, and the Andover Youth Services, along with community and corporate partners to celebrate Andover and the Merrimack Valley as a dynamic and diverse region north of Boston with a rich history of global influences.

The Andover Public Schools is committed to providing our students and neighbors with authentic and personalized learning opportunities that foster both local and global connections, which we like to call “Glocal Conversations.”

We believe that all students should...

FEEL safe, connected, confident, valued and honored for their uniqueness.

THINK globally, deeply, creatively, and take ownership of their learning.

BELIEVE they can achieve their goals and their growth is unlimited.

KNOW they are the center of a collaborative team of caring adults.

UNDERSTAND what it means to be part of a local and global community.


The Andover_Portal is mission-driven to improve the experience of teaching and learning.  All of our Portal connections are in support of authentic and personalized, student-centered learning. Unlike traditional education, which places great emphasis on rote memorization of facts and formulas, our focus is on real connection, invention, innovation, and collaborative problem-solving. The Andover_Portal seeks to connect with a global community through the arts, sciences, language, history, design, entrepreneurship, and engineering in order to enhance all of the essential learning as readers, writers, thinkers and collaborators by working together to discover common ground that serves a greater good. We believe that solutions depend on perspective and that the Portal provides access to understanding.