Berlin, Germany (Tempelhof)

Our Berlin Portal is located at Tempelhof Airport, the site of the famous 1948 Berlin Airlift and a longtime host of Berlin’s largest events. In November of 2015, as refugee entry into Germany grew, the hangers in this shuttered airport were converted to a refugee shelter. Currently about 1,000 refugees live here. They fled violence in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and small numbers also fled persecution in Iran and Moldova. More than a quarter of the refugees housed at Tempelhof are children. They reached Germany and have applied for asylum, but are waiting for more permanent accommodations to become available. Our Portal at Tempelhof is located in the THFWelcome Cafe, a volunteer-run coffee shop at Tempelhof that both refugees and the general public can access. In addition to the Portal, the cafe offers legal counseling, live music and films, and seasonal clothing distribution.