The Doha Debates Portal

Amplifying a new generation of voices to find solutions to global challenges


Doha Debates brings together diverse perspectives for vibrant dialogue on urgent – and often controversial – issues.

Over the next year, Portals will extend that mission through a network of over 40 global Portals, in which students, community members, and other participants in Doha will engage a broad public conversation in an immersive, intimate space unlike any other.

In the Portal, participants can raise challenging questions with groups around the globe, from a tech hub in Gaza to a university in Texas and a public park in Lagos.


Throughout the global Portals network, few sites are as naturally aligned with the mission of preserving and disseminating knowledge, building public space, and creating cohesive communities across distance and difference as libraries. In many  ways, Portals serve as a natural extension to the library.

At Qatar National Library, in partnership with Doha Debates, the Doha_Portal hosts dialogues related to the themes of the Debates, and to the interest of the Library and community members.

Together, Doha Debates and Shared_Studios will curate space where it is possible to speak freely about topics across all boundaries.

Follow the conversation on social media with #DearWorld, #WeNeedToTalk, and #DohaPortal. Click here to learn more about the debates.

Doha Debates Portal Schedule


The Debates

February, 2019

Doha Debate 1: Global Refugee Crisis

Doha, Qatar

April, 2019

Doha Debate 2: Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Jobs

Doha, Qatar

July, 2019

Doha Debate 3: Global Citizenship and Statelessness (with TED)

Edinburgh, Scotland

September, 2019

Doha Debate 4: World Water Crisis

Cape Town, South Africa

October, 2019

Doha Debate 5: Capitalism's Challenges and Rewards

Doha, Qatar

November, 2019

Doha Debate 6: Loss of Trust in Institutions

Paris, France

About the Doha Debates

Through live debates, videos, blogs and podcasts, Doha Debates will bring people together around one urgent issue at a time. The debates encourage different perspectives, hear the arguments, question them and turn ideas into action.

In today’s deeply polarized and fragmented world, Doha Debates believes we have to learn to listen and act together. How do we tackle the gross injustices around us? How do we create a sustainable future for generations to come?

Forget what you think you know about debates! Doha Debates is new, different, respectful and challenging. Learn more at