Portal Forms


Portal Container

The Portal Container is ideal for high-profile, outdoor installations. It can hold up to 8 people at a time and creates the feeling of being in the same space as someone in an identical gold container somewhere else on Earth. The Portal Container is climate controlled and easily securable.


Portal Screen

The Portal_Screen is a modular, free-standing, bi-directional video wall with audio and video and live links to other Portals around the world. The Portal Screen can be moved and set up by a single person in minutes. And they can be arranged in sequence to create larger video walls.


Portal Inflatable

The Portal Tent is best suited for stationary indoor placements. It inflates in minutes and weighs under 50 pounds.


Portal Path

Connect sidewalks, metro platforms and more around the globe through Portal Paths, scalable, bi-directional video walls.


    Portal Phone

Portal Phones are like open, public telephone lines between two locations. Passersby can talk to one another or just listen to ambient sounds.


Coming Soon


Portal Stage

The new Portal Stage is made for everything from intimate dialogues to massive crowds. Encased with LCD screens, the Portal Stage can be folded open lengthwise, and coupled with jumbotrons and outdoor speaker sets to engage tens of thousands at once. We will roll out our first Portal Stage in 2017.


Portal Bus

Have the Portal come to you! The Portal Bus is entirely self-sufficient.