About Our Portal_Site

With support from the West Virginia Humanities Council, Shared_Studios has partnered with Hardy County Schools to bring a Portal to Baker and Moorefield, in West Virginia in 2019.

Hardy County is located in the Potomac Highlands region and shares a border with Virginia. The county has a population of about 14,000, making it one of the least populous in the Mid-Atlantic. The Portal presents a unique opportunity to bridge social, political, cultural, and geographic gaps across America in an immersive, engaging environment. It’s an chance for the world to engage with rural America, and for Hardy County students to engage the world.

The Hardy County_Portal will move between Moorefield High School and East Hardy High School, where it will serve as a resource for students of all ages and as a communal hub during local events. The Hardy County team is especially excited to host dialogues about energy production, the opioid crisis, and community-building strategies for dispersed, rural communities.  


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