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Want to bring a Portal to your site? Terrific! Here are two main things to consider: Programming and Structure. Review the Programming Options and Structural Options below and then get in touch with us to set up a call!

You can also get information more tailored to your environment. Click on one of the following links if you are inquiring about bringing a Portal to a short-term event (under 1 week), a K-12 school, a university, a tech-hub or co-working space, a company, a dance center, or a city plaza.


Programming Options

Short-Term Events

Under 1 month 

Short-Term Heavily-Programmed

Our Heavily Programmed Portal option is ideal for large-scale, turn-key applications. Our Portal Curator will work with your team to organize classes, dialogues, rock concerts, yoga classes, and whatever else you can imagine! Check out what we did for Chicago Ideas Week 2016 as an example.

Short-Term Lightly Programmed

Our Lightly Programmed Portal option is ideal for more casual encounters between strangers. We connect your site to sites around the world and enable people to converse around a pre-arranged prompt, such as movies, ideas or contemporary issues. Check out what we did for Airbnb at the Sundance Film Festival (dialogues around film) and what we did for Google for Entrepreneurs during the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (dialogues between startups). 

Long-Term Placements

3 months or longer

Staffed by Shared_Studios

For long-term placements, we can provide full-time staffing at your site. This person will work with you to program ongoing events, dialogues, classes and performances. To get a feel for what this looks like, check out what we are doing with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Staffed by Partner Institution

For placements over 3-months in length, you can choose to staff the Portal yourself. We integrate one designated Portal Curator from your team to liaise with our global network. For an example of this, check out what we did with Greenwich Academy.

What We Provide

Scheduling: Shared_Studios provides an online and mobile scheduling system.

Programming: Shared_Studios coordinates global programming for all sites.

Language Interpretation: Shared_Studios provides on-site language interpretation.

Recording & Streaming: Shared_Studios can record and/or stream Portal encounters if both parties consent.

Structural Options

Outdoor Portal Container

The Portal Container is ideal for high-profile, outdoor installations. It can hold up to 8 people at a time and creates the feeling of being in the same space as someone in an identical gold container somewhere else on Earth. The containers are climate controlled and easily securable. It is 8x20 and weighs 6100 pounds.


Indoor Portal Container

The Indoor Portal Container is ideal for high-profile, indoor installations where it is not possible to bring in an Outdoor Portal Container. This Portal is custom-made in 4x8 foot units able to be brought in through standard doorways. It is assembled onsite and can hold up to 8 people at a time. It comes in various sizes: 8x12, 8x16, and 8x20. It weighs roughly 2,500 pounds.


Portal Screen

The Portal Screen is best suited for indoor placements with high foot traffic. Passersby can interact with passersby around the globe. Portal Screens can also be moved by qualified staff and reassembled within an hour. The Portal Screen is 1x4x8 and weighs under 300 pounds.



The Portal Inflatable is best suited for indoor placements. The Inflatable can take various forms, but is generally a 10' cube. It inflates in 3 minutes and weighs under 50 pounds.



The Portal Tent is best suited for stationary indoor placements. The tent takes various forms. It can be encased in a gold foil for high visual impact. Or it can be assembled in existing rooms with no gold shell, to recreate the intimacy of the Portal environment in a customized location. The Portal Tent comes is 8x12 and weighs under 500 pounds.




We can outfit your existing room to recreate a Portal environment. We use custom fabrics and pipe-and-drapes to accomplish this.



We have designed the Portal Bus but have not built one yet. Be the first! It is a gold school bus with light issuing forth from the windows. Once you enter, it looks just like a Portal. Up to ten people can enter at a time. And the Portal Bus can power itself or be plugged into an outlet. Drive it from one site to another.



We have designed the Portal Stage but have not built one yet. Be the first! It is a Portal that opens up lengthwise to create a massive global performance space, which thousands can watch simultaneously.


Existing AV System

We use your existing AV setup and connect it to the Portal network. We organize the event, test all connections, and ensure a fully reliable connection for events of any size. We have executed this for audiences including the United Nations, the European Parliament, the U.S. Congress, and others.