Working with Greenwich Academy, we are developing a unique Portals pedagogy. Some examples of K-12 classes, lesson plans, and activities follow. These are suggestions for education-based Portal engagements. We’ve seen these in action and can provide you with more ideas.

  • American students and children in another country study the poetry of their respective nations. 

  • Elementary school students read their favorite storybooks or sing songs to children in another country.

  • Foreign language classes engage in dialogue on a chosen topic in the target language.

  • Student diversity group holds a meeting in the Portal to explore issues with children in another American city.

  • Criminal justice class meets with formerly incarcerated individuals in one of our Criminal Justice Portals.

  • Americans students and kids in another country create a joint improvisational dance.

  • A joint talent show is hosted in the Portal, with students trading acts.

  • Art students create paintings and bring them to the Portal to be critiqued by an artist in another country.

  • Children engage in robotics or engineering projects through the Portal, using different materials but similar instructions.