We've worked with institutions to develop a variety of writing, drawing, and discussion prompts. Here are just a few ideas. 

Sample Writing Prompts

  • After visiting the Portal today, I am feeling…

  • What surprised me most about the Portal visit today is…

  • If I had two more minutes in the Portal, I would have…

  • Some questions I still have after our Portal visit are…

  • Dear (person I met in the Portal)...

Sample Drawing Prompts

  • Blind contour drawing - draw something without looking at the paper and while looking at your partner in the Portal

  • Back to back drawing - sit back to back with someone in the Portal and describe an object they must draw

Sample Research Prompts

  • Given the political/economic issues of this country, what are some key issues to investigate?

  • How can Portals help build bridges between the United States and this country?

  • Research and write a brief historical study, focusing on the art or literature of a particular country.

  • Examine a particular moment in the history of this country and prepare a Power Point presentation for the class.

  • Read the newspaper to find out what is happening in this country today.

Sample Discussion Prompts

  • The tried and true prompt for a Portal discussion is: What would make today a good day for you?

Additional Prompts

  • What does a perfect day look like? (Talk, write, draw…)

  • For what are you most grateful?

  • Of what are you most proud?

  • What would you like to tell us about your culture?

  • What do you hear about American culture?

  • What is a treasured memory for you?

  • What do you think is most important in a friend?

  • What is something we both share?