• How many people can fit in the Portal?
    Depends on the size of the people. You can fit four adults easily. You can fit more young children!
  • How long are traditional Portal visits?
    The original idea for Portals involves twenty-minute conversations, usually centered on a universal prompt like "What would make today a good day for you?" But longer times and different types of interactions can be arranged.

  • How does one book time in the Portal?
    Through the website that Shared_Studios, the host institution, sets up.

  • Should we just talk in the Portal?
    Feel free to get creative. You could dance, sing, draw, read stories... the possibilities are endless. Portal curators communicate with each other to help you plan activities.

  • How will we bridge the foreign language gap?
    The folks at Shared_Studios will hire find translators for Portals as needed.

  • How big is a Portal?
    The shipping container is 20 x 10 x 10 feet. However, there are other options including a Portal Screen that can fit into a smaller space.

  • How many Portals are there in the world?
    New Portals are always opening, but on average there are about twenty operating at any one time. Some are established for short-term engagements, others for longer periods.

  • Are there any Portals in the USA?
    Portals were established in downtown Milwaukee, Newark, Chicago, and Los Angeles to focus on police-community relations and criminal justice. Several schools and universities have hosted Portals as well.

  • Can we connect to more than one location?
    Yes, though the Portal network operates most efficiently when two locations are connected for an extended period.

  • Will the Portal require a great deal of technical support from my institution? The Portal requires a standard electrical plug and an Ethernet connection. Most of the tech support can be done remotely.