Before the Portal visit

  • Introduce students to the partner Portal location.
  • Have students locate the relevant city and country on a map.
  • Look up the country on, Brittanica, or similar.
  • Fill out the geography questionnaire below.
  • If visiting multiple locations, engage in a larger class-wide or school-wide mapping project, placing stickers on a world map.

Student Worksheet: Before the Portal Visit

  • We will be connecting to a Portal in _________________________________ [City, Country]
  • This Portal is located on this continent: ______________________________ [Continent]
  • The major languages of the country are: _____________________________ [Languages spoken]
  • Key geographical features include: __________________________________ [Mountains, Rivers, Deserts]
  • I would describe the climate as: ____________________________________ [Cold, Dry, Warm]
  • Draw the flag of the country here:

Have students write down on notecards two questions they’d like to ask in the Portal. Students can either carry the notecards or turn them in to the teacher.

After the Portal visit

  • If time permits, have students draw or write immediately after the Portal visit.
  • Younger students can write down words or phrases. Older students can write a short paragraph describing their impressions.

Writing prompts

  • After visiting the Portal today, I am feeling…
  • What surprised me most about the Portal visit today is…
  • If I had two more minutes in the Portal, I would have asked…
  • Some questions I still have after our Portal visit are…
  • Write a letter to one of the people you met in the Portal…

Drawing prompts

  • Sketch one of the new friends you made in the Portal.
  • Draw a picture that explains how you were feeling while you were in the Portal.
  • Imagine the Portal could transport you to the other location; what would your journey look like?