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Shared_Studios creates and maintains a network of immersive, audiovisual telecommunications spaces placed in communities around the world. When you step inside, you are connected with someone in another, identical space, and can talk to that person as if they were in the same room as you.

Shared_Studios creates these spaces to connect communities that otherwise would never meet. Every site is staffed by a Shared_Studios Curator, who facilitates dialogues and creates connections to suit the needs of their local community. In this way, a human network helps local communities to access knowledge from around the world and embrace the diversity of human experience.

In a fractured world, human beings too often imagine themselves in isolation and in competition. At Shared_Studios, we harness the technology at our fingertips to forge connections between communities that might otherwise never meet.

We use the connective power of the Internet to forge new, unexpected alliances, and to ensure the benefits of human diversity redound to everyone.

We create live, full-body, audio-visual environments that enable face-to-face dialogues between people who would not otherwise meet. Inside, people can converse with someone on the far side of the world as if in the same room. Participants can make eye contact and converse in real-time, and have described feeling like they were “breathing the same air.” 

Our sites are staffed by real human beings who organize dialogues, classes, performances, and other events. These staff members, called Curators, are the glue that hold our network together. Read more about our Curators.

All Portals connect to one another. Shared_Studios maintains a network of 40 Portals around the world.



Social Media







Curator Social Media Guidelines


Social media helps to share the joy of what we do. When setting up social media for your portal, follow these guidelines.

Social media set up

Many portals operate their own social media accounts. Instagram and Twitter are often the best platforms for this. Check out @mexicocityportal and @stockholm_portal for two great examples of Portal Instagrams in action.

If it suits your site, create your own account. Follow these steps:

  • Try to name your account @locationportal or @location_portal.

  • Upload a high-quality picture of the Portal to use as your profile picture

  • Add your website as[yourlocation]