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The LA_Portal is hosted by Community Services Unlimited, Inc. (CSU, Inc.), a nonprofit headquartered in South Central Los Angeles. CSU’s mission is to foster the creation of communities actively working to address the inequalities and systemic barriers that make sustainable communities and self-reliant life-styles unattainable.

The LA_Portal is located at the Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center (PRCWC), a dynamic new space created by Community Services Unlimited Inc. that houses South LA’s 1st organic produce market and is a local food hub increasing access to healthy local food.



Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center

6569 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90044

United In Wellness: What Does Community Well-Being Mean To You?

April 13-June 8


Presented in Collaboration With Community Services Unlimited, Inc.

Saturday 6/8 11AM-12:30PM x ERBIL, IRAQ:
UNDERGROUND IRAQI HIP HOP + LA-IRAQ CIPHER  a mix tape listening session for the music of MC Rami (Mosul, Iraq) guest hosted in LA by Petal

Saturday 6/8 1PM-3PM x MEXICO CITY, MEXICO:
RISING TOGETHER, KNEADING DOUGH - BAKING EXCHANGE guest curated by artist Leyna Lightman with TAMOA (CDMX) and live music and poetry by Street Symphony and the Skid Row Drummers


Saturday 4/13 9AM-11AM

The relaunch of the #LAPortal as part of our 8-week pop-up event series on food, justice and community well-being supported through the DCA Arts Activation Fund. The Portal is now located in the parking lot of Community Services Unlimited, Inc./Village Market Place. We started the series by discussing agriculture with Neelam Sharma, Executive Director of Community Services Unlimited, Inc. and other guests in the LA_Portal in conversation with Shared_Studios Herat Portal, originally scheduled to be Hardy County, a rural West Virginia community.

Saturday 4/20 1:30PM-4PM

Join Kelli Jackson of Hank's Mini Market in Hyde Park, Danny Park of Skid Row People's Market and organizers of host site Community Services Unlimited, Inc.'s Village Market Place in conversation with folks in the Dallas_Portal on how art, culture, history and healthy food are all a part of the next generation of their long-time family corner stores as community spaces grounded neighborhood continuity in LA.

Saturday 4/27 9AM-11AM

Drummers speak a universal language that is understood by us all. Los Angeles based drummer Greg Ellis will connect to drummers of Intwali Band in Kigali, Rwanda as they communicate through the language of the drum and discuss rhythm’s ability to move and heal us. They are joined by Amber Harrison, a neighborhood resident and student at UC Irvine researching community health and wellness strategies who just concluded a free hydromassage program at the Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center.

Saturday 5/4 11:30AM-2PM
x MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: SAFE TO SHARE HEALING CIRCLE Cultivating healing and compassion in collaboration with United Communities for Peace (LA) and Mothers Against Gun Violence (MKE) and featuring pre-and post-dialogue art activities by Painted Brain. (email la@sharedstudios.com for more info)

Saturday 5/11 10AM-11:30AM x AFRICA CENTER, NYC: GIVE AND TAKE - NURTURING GIVERS OF LIFE https://www.facebook.com/events/738358963226873
A connection featuring a pop-up Kemetic-inspired yoga class by doula, certified yoga teacher, community health worker and artist Destinee DeWalt of The Tree South LA. Following, Destinee will lead an open discussion on approaches to health, nutrition, and motherhood. Plus! Sidewalk activities creating natural herbal balms and teas by Community Services Unlimited Inc. We'll start with a half hour of cross-country yoga practice and then flow into discussion, too.

Tuesday 5/14, 7:15-8:45PM x OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: POP UP IN THE PORTAL BOOK CLUB Readers in both cities participate in the new Book Club at Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center reading More Than Just Food by Garrett Broad and discussing perspectives and experiences in between cities.

Saturday 5/18 9AM-11AM x MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: PRINTING POWER https://www.facebook.com/events/650751298706427/
Connecting with guests in Mexico City including Casa de el Hijo del Ahuizote to discuss the posters, photos, and new ideas in forming the Sankofa Archive of Community Services Unlimited’s history and roots in South Central LA since 1977

Saturday 5/18 3PM-4:30PM x AFRICA CENTER, NYC: MICRO-MOVIE-HOUSE https://www.facebook.com/events/294587391477482 Featuring and discussing three short films the Sankofa Archive with LA-based writer Estefani Alarcon of Dear Southside: Recreating and telling the untold stories of South Los Angeles joining from New York

Sunday 5/19 7AM-8AM x GAZA CITY, PALESTINE: SEEING/BEING + OLIVE TREE PLANTING ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED ON 5/5 https://www.facebook.com/events/877401285947182
An early morning meet-up connecting (almost) dawn and dusk between Los Angeles and Gaza City, Palestine. Inspiring and invigorating early morning rhythms by drummer Megashia Jackson in Los Angeles and Sol Band in Gaza City as sunset approaches.

Sunday 5/19 12:30-3PM x RICHMOND, VIRGINIA: WHAT MOVES YOU? OPEN DIALOGUE Supporting capoeira class information session with an open discussion on health practices and encouraging people to talk on the question “What Moves You?” 

Saturday 5/25 1-3PM
x MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: COOPERATIVES KNOWLEDGE SHARE https://www.facebook.com/events/2512454932118939/?ti=icl A Spanish-English Bilingual Discussion bringing together Color Coded Los Angeles, a Los Angeles collective holding space for POC in new technologies, and COOPERATIVA AUTÓNOMA CIMARRONEZ ANTICAPITALISMO ORGANIZADO (C.A.C.A.O), a Mexico City based collaborative promoting health, preserving native towns and challenging capitalist expansion via the use of the raw material of cacao, to talk foundation, approach, philosophy, experience and economies of solidarity in forming cooperative structures engaged with political and social transformation. A preceding sidewalk workshop led by Piece by Piece making mosaic frames as gifts included in Welcome Home kits for supportive housing residents will take place from 11:30-1pm.

Tuesday 5/28 12-2PM
x RICHMOND, VIRGINIA: CROSS WALK TALK https://www.facebook.com/events/1418355528322655/?ti=icl Highlighting some ideas, including a new bus shelter, for Vermont between Gage and 66th next to the Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center and Village Market Place with two of Community Services Unlimited’s local partners including Sarah Chang the artist founder of The MARY Project art crosswalks project and Shuntain J. Thomas of We Are Responsible People WARP (WARP), as well as regional insights from CicLAvia’s Chief Strategist Tafarai Bayne.

Thursday 6/6 5-7PM x MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN:
OPEN MIC creative connection linking two cities - come join us!

Made possible in part by an Arts Activation Fund grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs and with the support of Community Partners.

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