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Our Portal in Los Angeles is located at LA Law Library. LA Law Library is a vibrant community education center in Los Angeles County and a leader in providing public access to legal knowledge, putting national and international sources of law into the hands of those seeking legal information.   In addition to acting as the curator and cultivator of a superior collection of legal resources comprised of nearly one million volume equivalents -- including one of the nation’s largest foreign and international law collections, LA Law Library serves as a gateway to legal information and a navigator facilitating access to the legal system for those who do not have or cannot afford legal representation.  Their staff serves more than fifty thousand patrons annually, both nationally and globally, and the number continues to grow daily as new programs and workshops are developed with the assistance of our many partners to provide innovative legal research technology and services.  These critical community efforts depend on revenue from civil court filing fees as well as private donations.  For additional information on LA Law Library, please visit or call 213-785-2529.


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Criminal Justice Dialogues

The Portals Project at the Los Angeles Law Library in Summer 2017 will primarily focus on Criminal Justice Dialogues between Baltimore and Mexico City in addition to special conversations and activities to be announced. 

Criminal Justice Dialogues are conversations between cities and communities around the U.S. and Mexico about how people feel about policing in their communities as part of a research study conducted by the Justice Collaboratory at Yale University. These mutual one-on-one conversations on both sides ask participants to consider the following question:

There is a great deal in the news about how police interact with people in the communities where they work. How do you feel about police in your community?

Participants are also asked to complete short, confidential survey and to consent to being videotaped as part of this study. Researchers at Yale will utilize the confidential conversations to understand common themes that emerge in them. Video files are kept on a secured server that only these principal investigators have access to and all videos are professionally transcribed. Significant measures are undertaken to protect each participants' confidentiality. The video will never be used in presentations and the transcribed and written version will exist at Yale University to help to contribute to further knowledge and record on the topic.

Read more about the dialogues  here.

Special Event - Colorado Springs x Los Angeles - No Place To Go: An Audit of Public Toilets in Skid Row - Tuesday, September 12, 11am-1pm   

The lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles has resulted in thousands of Skid Row residents being forced to live on its sidewalks. Without adequate public toilets to meet basic needs, Skid Row’s homeless residents suffer in the midst of a public health crisis. One would think that Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities in the world, would exceed these minimal standards. However, this audit finds that in Skid Row, Los Angeles fails to meet even the standards for a UNHCR refugee camp. Come listen, learn or participate in this discussion with project organizers from the Skid Row Public Toilet Audit Team including community activist Suzette Shaw, Inner City Law Center's Greg Spiegel and Project 180 LA's Dorit Waldman, and more.

Special Event - Mexico City x Los Angeles - Music Connection - Thursday, September 14, 3-5pm

LA_Portal and MexicoCity_Portal will extend their weekly Justice Dialogues by 2 hours to present a music connection between Downtown L.A. and Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, timed in support of  Grand Park's PST: LA/LA Launch Party and the final week of the Portal at the LA Law Library. The connection will feature Mexico City-based poet Ademar Alpuche,  Mexico City-based singer Maya Jamie Burns, L.A. singer Queen B. and L.A. poet Samuel Nathaniel Johnson who connected through Portals in their respective cities this summer.

Past Events @ LA Law Library

Milwaukee/LA: LA Free Music Improv (featuring Isabel Avila & Seung Park)  Friday, June 16, 2pm-4pm

Detroit/LA: Pages Bookstore Women Writer's Exchange (featuring Suzette Shaw & Arden Stern) — Wednesday, June 21, 3pm-5pm

Mexico City/LA: Judicial Reform in Mexico  Tuesday, July 25, 6pm-8pm

Herat/LA: Music Exchange of Afghanistan & India via LA (featuring Neel Agrawal, Aalok Metha in LA & Mansoor Qaisani, Saood Noor, Abdul Khaleq  & Sayed Bidel in Herat) — Thursday, August 3, 8:30am-10am

Astana/LA: Bitter Party - Melancholy Post Colonial Ghost Pop Tuesday, August 29, 7pm-8pm

Colorado Springs/LA: KidsDrumming World Percussion Journey @ What IF Festival — Saturday, September 9, 2pm-3pm

Outside The Portal: Meditation w/ Miguel Angel (Evoke Yoga DTLA) — Thursday, September 7, 11am-1pm and Chair Yoga w/ Erin Olivia — Friday, September 15, 11am-1pm





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