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Our Portal in Mexico City has moved around town, garnered major national and international press, and hosted celebrities including TV stars, musicians, politicians, etc. Right now, and for the past year, it has been part of the Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD), located at one of the most iconic spaces in Mexico City (The entrance to Chapultepec Park). The Mexico City Portal is run in partnership with TimeOut Mexico, the largest arts, culture and entertainment guide in Mexico.

Since 2015, the Portal has moved to numerous sites including:

  • Fuente de los Cibeles (Plaza Villa Madrid), located at one of the most iconic neighbourhoods in Mexico City,

  • Laboratorio Arte Alameda, a space dedicated to the exhibition, documentation, production, and research of artistic practices that relate to technology

  • Platoon Mexico, a global creative collective based in Berlin, Mexico City and Seoul

  • Museo Tamayo, a public contemporary art museum located in Chapultepec Park that produces innovative international contemporary art exhibitions, using its collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as artworks from the collection of its founder, the artist Rufino Tamayo.

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