Multidisciplinary Technologist

Shared_Studios is looking to hire a creative and entrepreneurial technologist who is able to work across multiple disciplines. 

This hire does not need a particular degree. She or he does not need a particular kind of work experience. The individual needs to be willing to work across multiple sectors, work hard, learn on the job, oversee specialist contractors, innovate and design new solutions, and make sure the Portals and Shared studios network runs flawlessly.

This person will be compensated competitively. The individual could quickly become a member of our leadership team. We are looking to fill the position right away.

To apply: Fill out the form below. Include a cover letter, resume, and up to three references. 


  • Creating new programs, products, and solutions to enable Portal Containers, Screens, and Tents to run seamlessly around the world

  • Work with haptic tech, 3D printing, and responsive technology

  • Development of new software, optical and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and systems design and management.


  • Experience with Node.js.

  • Entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and oriented towards problem-solving.

  • Comfortable fiddling around with consumer-grade, pro-grade and custom hardware

  • Preferably located in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.