Portals have been used to create, appreciate and share music. Musicians have used Portals to create original songs and albums, teach and learn new instruments, improvise and jam, DJ, collaborate, and perform for large audiences. Below are some examples.


Collaborate on new music

Our musician in residence, Kavita Shah, is a renowned jazz composer and performer. Since 2014, she has been using the Portal to improvise with artists from Honduras, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and India.

Musicians in Herat, Afghanistan perform for an audience in Miami, USA during Art Basel Miami Beach 2015. Dancer and choreographer Jonah Bokaer improvises movements to the music.


Discover new sounds

Drummers from Dharavi in Mumbai collaborate with drummers in the South Side of Chicago.

Opera singer in NYC performs for kids in Erbil Portal.


DJ Global Parties


Perform, Dance, Stream

Musicians in the Gaza City Portal perform while a dancer at a Washington DC tent Portal dances to their music.

Starting midway through our overview video, you can see glimpses of pianists, trombonists, and opera singers performing for one another. In the beginning, Iranian American pianist Tara Kamangar collaborates from NYC with a kamancheh player in Tehran. The performance is live streamed online and in the gallery.

K-pop boy band sings from Miami for an international audience.


About our musician in residence

A polyglot in more than language alone.
— Siddhartha Mitter, The Boston Globe
Shah’s music reflects the insatiably curious mind of an ethnographer, the soul of a poet, and the eye of a painter.
— Owen McNally, WNPR