Stockholm Curator and Development Coordinator

Development Coordinators are integral to building our global network, and Portal Curators are the glue that hold our network together. We are seeking someone to serve as a Development Coordinator to help bring a Portal to Stockholm, and then as a Curator once the Portal has been placed.

As a Development Coordinator, this person will work with Shared_Studios and Swedish stakeholders to help bring a Portal to Stockholm. Once the Portal has been secured, this role will shift in focus to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Portal and lead implementation of the programming. 

As a Portal Curator, this person will staff the Portal, engage local groups and organizations, program special events, and occasionally provide language interpretation (must be fluent in Swedish and English). 
This role will be the public face of Shared_Studios and our network in Sweden. We are looking for a curator to work at our Portal location in Stockholm. 



  • Identify a Portal Placement Site, including working with contacts at municipal governments, local businesses and nonprofits, and various stakeholders to identify and secure a suitable location for the Portal in downtown Stockholm.

  • Coordinate with Funders and Local Businesses to determine and secure funding for the Portal through donations, sponsorship, or some combination of the two.

  • Develop Programming, by collaborating with partners and funders to identify and create dialogue topics, activities, performances, and other interactions relevant and important to the city and people of Stockholm.


  • Operate the Portal, including opening and closing the Portal, mastering technology and troubleshooting, ushering individuals into and out of the Portal every 20 or 30-minutes, talking to passersby, and explaining the Portals initiative

  • Program Dialogues & Events, including coordinating and scheduling special events, artist collaborations, classroom visits, and performances, and overseeing backend scheduling software

  • Outreach in the Community, including emailing and calling local organizations, liaising with press organizations, coordinating videographers and social media elements, and occasionally shooting video. 


Development background with strong communication skills, including the ability to develop relationships and pitch relevant organizations and stakeholders  

Entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and oriented towards problem-solving

Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to engage people from diverse backgrounds

Attention to detail, particularly around scheduling and logistics

Responsible, results-oriented, and self-motivated

Flexible schedule since we work across various time zones: sometimes the Portal will be open very early in the day or late in the evening

Comfort with computers, VOIP systems, and social media appreciated

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, and applicant must have a strong connection to organizations and stakeholders in the Stockholm area