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The PeaceTech Lab is currently housed in the headquarters of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, DC.

An independent nonprofit organization, the Lab brings together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists, data scientists, and other innovators to develop effective peacebuilding solutions.

TECHNOLOGY: How is technology affecting your day-to-day life?

Are you tethered to technology? What does that mean for you, your family, and your community? What are the trends in technology and connectivity that we must resist as human beings? What should we embrace, and how? What are the possibilities that technology brings?

What promise, if any, does technology hold for you? What peril, if any, does it hold for you?
What is the most important piece of technology in your life and how do you feel about it? Why?
Do you feel too connected via technology or not connected enough?
Do you ever use technology to meet people unlike yourself?

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