In front of the Manitou Art Center, Create Café, and Manitou Springs Heritage Center

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Manitou Springs CO

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Our Portal is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a quaint mountain town just six miles west of downtown Colorado Springs. It is an artist’s enclave known for its mineral springs and mountain landscapes, dominated by the soaring iconic mountain, Pikes Peak. The 1880s Cog Railway takes people along pine forests and rugged canyons to the top of this 14,114’ mountain that inspired “America, the Beautiful”.  The annual Pikes Peak Marathon engages 800 runners in America’s Ultimate Challenge. When visitors ask about where the springs are in Colorado Springs, the answer is Manitou Springs. Rainwater and snow melt from Pikes Peak and surrounding mountains soak into rock fractures. The water flows up into cavernous limestone becoming carbonated, then issues from numerous natural and drilled springs. Currently, there are 8 springs open to the public, each with its own distinctive flavor and effervescence. 

The portal is located in front of the Manitou Art Center, Create Café, and Manitou Springs Heritage Center. The Manitou Art Center fosters music, theatre, pottery, printmaking, and other loud, slightly dangerous and intensely messy events, supporting individual and community creativity. Locals and tourists flock to the galleries, studios, and maker-space.  Create Café promotes growing and serving organic local food, being sustainable, sharing good vibrations, building community, reducing waste and providing delicious, vibrant cuisine. The Manitou Springs Heritage Center educates people about the unique history of Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak region. 


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The ManitouSprings_Portal is presented by Imagination Celebration and the Pikes Peak Library District. The Pikes Peak Library District provides resources and opportunities that change individual lives and build community. The PPLD is known for its innovations as a 21st Century library providing maker-spaces and DYI spaces for creatives of all types.  It is the second largest library district in Colorado, serving more than half a million residents, regularly placing in the top tier of national library rankings. Imagination Celebration connects people of all ages to the brain-stimulating, life-enhancing, community-building power of creativity by inspiring artistic and intellectual curiosity; instigating community collaborations; and promoting life-long experiential learning to help us thrive in a changing world. 

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