M Live: 7 Ways Shipping Containers are Being Used in Unique Detroit Building Projects

Detroit has seen a lot of building development in recent years, from ground-up construction to historic renovations in commercial and residential projects.At the same time, the city has built a reputation as a place for unique, innovative and funky developments like half-moon-shaped Quonset hutstiny homesmicrolofts and shipping container homes.

The trend is sparking creativity in and around Detroit, contributing to the city's growth.

And used shipping containers are gaining a lot of traction as both building components and tourist attractions.

The Detroit Portal at Capitol Park is a gold-colored shipping container equipped with audio-visual technology entering visitors into live, face-to-face, full-body interactions with participants in an identical container in a different part of the world

While it isn't a permanent development, the art installation will be in Detroit until June 9.

A network of Portals created by the group Shared Studios connects people with entrepreneurs across the world, including Gaza, Mexico City, Berlin, Afghanistan and more.

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