Reeperbahn Festival: Shared Studios

Sharing: it’s a pretty standard thing to do in this age of social media. We share thoughts, photos, videos, articles. Shared Studios has set up 20 gold-coloured shipping containers equipped with immersive audio-visual technology in diverse locations around the world and networked them with each other. Places such as Kabul, Erbil, Amman, Mumbai, Washington, Berlin, Kigali, and El Progreso have been turned into communication points, into transmitters and receivers. What for? To share events.

Via the prominently positioned Shared Studios container on the Hamburg festival grounds, Reeperbahn Festival is establishing contact with international venues, involving them in various conference topics, giving bands from Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Mexico a virtual stage, and, reciprocally, streaming festival performances to other continents. Global exchange 2.0, complete with artistic aspirations.