Life is better when we engage with people unlike ourselves.

When we look up from our phones and speak with someone new, we open new possibilities of understanding. When we witness the diversity of human experience, our lives are made richer, deeper, and more profound.

But connecting with someone new can be hard, and connecting with someone across the world is harder.

That’s why we build immersive portals in which you come face-to-face with someone on the far side of the globe. Every Shared_Space is staffed by a real human being – someone who facilitates dialogue, provides live language interpretation, and connects their community to the world.

Our portals are what happen when we are intentional about building a social network. They embody our mission: to give people everywhere a chance to tell their own story; to explore the diversity of human experience; to connect people separated by distance and difference in encounters that are humanizing and real.

Adelaide_Portal Launch - Daniel Purvis - DSC_8179-HDR.jpg