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Richmond, Virginia is among America’s oldest cities and a hotbed for creative industries. Known for its historic architecture, rapids-filled river, craft beer, and parks & gardens, the city boasts something for everyone. Today, this city is alive with music, museums, studios, and art-filled streets. Richmond is a dynamic community rich with culture, history, and passionate people who continually do amazing things that enrich our lives and the world.

The Richmond_Portal is located in Monroe Park, found next to Virginia Commonwealth University in the creative heart of the City.  Monroe Park, named for the 5th President of the United States James Monroe, is the first Portal stop on the year-long tour of the city.  The Richmond_Portal seeks to bring the world to Richmond and export the magic of Richmond to the world.

Check the schedule below to see Portal open hours, or email richmond@sharedstudios.com to book time.


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Want to visit the Richmond_Portal? Show up to any of our Open Hours connections, or email richmond@sharedstudios.com to book time in the Portal or discuss programming requests.