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Richmond, Virginia is among America’s oldest cities and a hotbed for creative industries. Known for its historic architecture, rapids-filled river, craft beer, and parks & gardens, the city boasts something for everyone. Today, this city is alive with music, museums, studios, and art-filled streets. Richmond is a dynamic community rich with culture, history, and passionate people who continually do amazing things that enrich our lives and the world. The Richmond_Portal seeks to bring the world to Richmond and export the magic of Richmond to the world.


The Richmond Portal is located at Maymont, considered one of Richmond’s greatest treasures. The 100-acre estate and park has been transformed from the Gilded Age home (1893-1925) of millionaire couple, James and Sallie Dooley, into a public wonderland that offers unique and enriching experiences for all ages and interests. Guests can feed the goats, stroll through Italian and Japanese gardens, tour the mansion, enjoy a special program or simply soak in the scenery. Maymont accepts donations, encourages memberships, and visitors can even adopt an animal

Find the Richmond_Portal at Maymont Farm. Corner of Spottswood and Shirley Lane, Richmond, VA. 23220.

Instagram: @richmondportal  

Check the schedule below to see Portal open hours, or email richmond@sharedstudios.com to book time.


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