Portals began as a daydream. We’ve all read stories about people walking through a mirror, or a wardrobe, or a rabbit hole... and emerging in another world; another time; another space.

So I wondered – what if you could enter a door at the back of your local coffee shop and see live into Lahore, Pakistan? What if you could share your morning coffee with people sipping their evening tea across the world, as if in the same room?

I started turning this idea over in my mind; talking about it with everyone who would listen. I got mixed reactions. The negative reaction was “We already have this; it’s called Skype!”

But then there was the reaction that made the whole initiative possible: a subset of people who were deeply invigorated by the idea of bringing diverse groups together. These people helped discipline the daydream until it took physical form. They created Shared_Studios.
— Amar Bakshi, Founder and Creative Director, Shared_Studios


Our Book

Humans have built pioneering machines to reshape our environment throughout the history of technological progress. In more recent times, technology evolved into a tool through which we adapted ourselves to a rapidly modernizing context.

In line with this trend, Shared_Studios has harnessed the potential of technology to navigate and construct novel social, political, cultural, and creative structures through Portals. Instead of shaping ourselves to fit technological advancements, we are using technological advancements to reinforce our humanity.



Our Office

Our main office is located at New Lab, an interdisciplinary space designed to support entrepreneurs working in emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and connected devices located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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