The Portal in Latham Park.

The Portal in Latham Park.

Throughout the year, the Stamford_Portal will move between public spaces in Stamford, including Columbus Park, UConn Park, Mill River Park, and Harbor Point, and can be currently found at Latham Park.

The Stamford Portal is an initiative of Stamford Downtown, Stamford’s Business Improvement District. The Stamford Portal will partner with local businesses and groups to design Portal encounters that match the interest of the local area and drive participants to Stamford’s public spaces.

Check the schedule below to see Portal open hours, or email to learn more.


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Stamford_Portal Schedule

Want to visit the Stamford_Portal? Check the schedule on the right, and if you’d like to book a slot, use the column on the left. Otherwise, feel free to show up at any of our Open Hours connections!