The Portal Container is ideal for high-profile, outdoor installations. It can hold up to 8 people at a time and creates the feeling of being in the same space as someone in an identical gold container somewhere else on Earth. The Portal Container is climate controlled and easily securable.



Weight: The Portal weighs roughly 3,600 kilograms (8,000 pounds).

Dimensions: The Portal is 6 meters long x 2.6m wide x 2.6m  high  (20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ high).

Internet: The Portal requires a hardwire Ethernet connection of 15 mbps up and 15mbps down with a ping under 15ms. We can make do with less bandwidth and a wifi or even cellular connection if necessary, but this may degrade quality and reliability.

Electricity: The Portal requires access to two standard 120V power outlets. The AMP draw is 17A and the Portal has its own circuit breakers.

Climate: An HVAC is included, capable of heating and cooling in severe conditions.

Installation: The Portal is delivered by rollback truck. More complex placements require a crane or forklift.

Security: The Portal locks up at night with up to four padlocks.

Accessibility: The Portal is handicap accessible. For people with disabilities, a handicap ramp can be swiftly pulled out to enable entry and exit.

Timeline: We require a 1 month lead time.