The Portal_Screen is a modular, free-standing, bi-directional video wall with audio and video and live links to other Portals around the world. The Portal Screen can be moved and set up by a single person in minutes. And they can be arranged in sequence to create larger video walls.




Portal Screen Video Wall Rendering



Weight: 135  kilograms (300 pounds)

Dimensions: 2.4m high x 1.2m wide x 0.15m deep (8’ high x 4’ wide x 6” deep)

Internet: Hardwire Ethernet connection of 15 mbps up and 15mbps down with a ping under 15ms. We can make do with less if necessary, with wireless, or with cellular, but this degrades quality and reliability.

Installation: The Portal is installed by one to two people in under 1 hour.

Security: The Portal Screen is unsecured.

Accessibility: The Portal is handicap accessible. No ramp needed.

Timeline: We require a 1 month lead time.