Portal Tent

The Portal Tent is best suited for stationary indoor placements. The tent takes various forms. It can be encased in a gold foil for high visual impact. Or it can be assembled in existing rooms with no gold shell, to recreate the intimacy of the Portal environment in a customized location.





Weight: 225 kilograms (495 pounds)

Dimensions: The Portal Tent comes in various sizes. The smallest version is an 8' (2.4m) cube.

Internet: The Portal Tent would ideally be connected with hardwire ethernet with a 15mbps up and 15mbps down and a ping under 15ms. We can make do with less if necessary, but this degrades quality and reliability.

Installation: The Portal Tent is installed by a team of 2 working for 6 hours total. De-install takes 3 hours.

Security: The Portal is zipped closed and is therefore not terribly secure.

Accessibility: The Portal is handicap accessible; no ramp is needed.

Timeline: We request a 1 month lead time.