Global Album: Rappers in the U.S., Rwanda, and Afghanistan are creating a joint Portals hip hop album.

Jam Sessions: Rock musicians from universities in the U.S. and Mexico hosted monthly jam sessions

Performances: Musicians from around the globe perform live. For example, blues experts in Chicago and Kigali made work and discussed the history of blues in their cities

Musical Collaborations: Flautist Rajeev Rava in Mumbai and singer Kavita Shah in New York City taught one another new songs and performed together. Rapper and singer Aloe Blacc made music with classical musicians in Herat, Afghanistan. Opera singers have performed for refugee communities around the globe.



Painting Lessons: Classical Persian painters in Isfahan, Iran have taught Persian painting to students across the globe.

Artist Collaborations: Professional artists Titus Kaphar in New York and Yousha Bashir Tehran have collaborated by printing out one another's work and making joint collages.

Theater & Dance

Storytelling Nights: Storytellers in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, and the U.S. have performed for live audiences across the globe.

Comedy Shows:  Comedians around the globe have performed live for distant audiences. For example, Gazan comedian Nabil Diab performed for an audience in Washington, DC.

Improv Theater: Actors and actresses have made theater sketches through Portals.

Dance: Students at the University of Maryland created an interpretative dance while rappers in Herat, Afghanistan laid down a new track. Then, another group of experimental dancers made work at UMD alongside a graffiti artist in Herat, Afghanistan.

Movement: Choreographer Jonah Bokaer at a Portal at the United Nations in New York taught young Syrian refugees in Jordan a series of calming, centering motions.

Dance ciphers: From Milwaukee, USA to El Progreso, Honduras, dancers and musicians share moves

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Artist Aloe Blacc in Los Angeles performs with music students in Herat, Afghanistan.

Opera singer performs for a Syrian refugee community in Jordan.

Painters in Mexico and Chicago work together.

Dancers at the University of Maryland collaborate with rappers in Herat, Afghanistan.