Global Public Health: Students at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design collaborate with students at the University of Palestine in Gaza City over the course of a year, exploring ways of improving public health through scientific and design-based innovation.

AR & VR: Students experiment with integrating AR and VR experiences into the Portals environment.

Climate Change: Students around the globe talk to experts about climate change, and explore mechanisms of reducing its damage.


Social Innovation: Students from around the world work on challenges, including helping refugees overcome bureaucratic barriers in new countries, improving agriculture practices, and creating new means of addressing climate change.

Global Entrepreneurship: With Portals, entrepreneurs think about local problems in a global context, across industries including healthcare and entertainment.

Mentorship: Students engage mentors around the globe through Portals.


At GES 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with entrepreneurs in Herat, Afghanistan and Seoul South Korea. He was joined by Google co-founder Larry Page and Portals founder Amar Bakshi. Here's a snippet of his conversation.

Secretary Of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Shark Tank's aymond John talk with entrepreneurs in Mexico City about the government's role in growing entrepreneurship.