Vertical Video


The Goal

Each site should create vertical video for display at Portals around the globe. See the video through the link below as an example:

Sample Video Loop from Erbil

The video should be 90 degrees rotated so it is tall, not wide, and fits in the 9x16 aspect ratio screens, as shown in the image to the right on a 90" TV at the UN General Assembly. In the image on the right, the TV on the far right is showing the video loop from Erbil, and it appears as if a boy is standing on the horizon.

Our goal is to create a video loop like this for every Portal site so we can play them on loop around the world when Portals are not being used.


Equipment Guidelines

Use a 1080p Camera or Above (4k even better)

The footage should be ideally above 1080p, so we can zoom in and resize as needed and still display it in HD. 

Use a Lens with a 50 degree Field of View or Similar

The lens should produce a relatively narrow field of view, similar to the human eye. Do not use a wide-shot or fish eye lens.


Filming Instructions

In order to get the right affect, the videographer must:

Position the Camera at Eye Level

The idea is to create the feeling of a human being looking through a window into another site at eye level. The camera should therefore be roughly at eye level, or 5.5 feet (1.6 meter).

Set the Distance Between First Standing Subject and Camera

Position a standing individual 7 feet (2 meters) from the camera.  The person standing should fill 2/3 of the frame, with his feet at the bottom of the frame. This should be the benchmark for all shots, whether or not an individual is in the frame.

The horizon line will move based on where that horizon line is vis-a-vis the camera, but the affect will nevertheless hold because each shot is positioned the same way. 

Get 10 Diverse Shots and Hold Each for 7-10 minutes

We want shots from different times of day (morning, midday and night), from different scenes of everyday life (local bazaar, high school, highway, supermarket, mosque, playground, living room). And we want shots at different times of day, if possible, showing scenes from daily life.


Upload the Clips

Upload Site for the Clips

Upload your clips here. Make sure either in a text document or in the file name of each clip you tell us the location where this was shot and the date of shooting.

We'll take care of editing.