Welcome to the Shared_Studios intranet start page. Some of the pages below are password protected and others are not. Here's what each page contains:

Password required
How to build Portal Containers, Screens, and Rooms. This is for contractors.

Password required
The 4 pieces of software you need to download to connect to the Portal network.

No password required
Templates for fliers, posters, trifolds, stencils and business cards.

New Curator Form
No password required
Please fill out this form if you are a new Portal Curator so we can get you access to everything.

No password required
This section is for Portal Curators only and requires an @sharedstudios.com email address and login.

Vertical Video Instructions
No password required
This tells you how to create content that can play on Portals and Portal Screens. It is to be shared with videographers.