Zoom Supports Portals Network

Shared_Studios has partnered with  Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to shift video conferencing quality across the Portals network into higher gear.

The Shared_Studios team is excited to work with Zoom, a market leader and trailblazer in the video communications space, to ensure all Portal interactions are seamless, whether they occur in major cosmopolitan cities or remote areas with limited bandwidth. Our partnership enables people across any distance to create, collaborate, and play as if they really were in the same room.

Zoom’s industry-leading quality, features, and ease of use made it an obvious choice for Shared_Studios. “We have tried just about every video conferencing system in our Portals. And we found Zoom to have the highest quality and greatest reliability in both urban and rural locations throughout our global network,” said Kathryn Mammel, Director of Operations for Shared_Studios.

As a component of the partnership, Shared_Studios will live stream select Portals events – from rap cyphers to dance collaborations and policy discussions – to Facebook and YouTube using Zoom’s webinar platform.

And through Zoom’s chat features, up to 200 participants will be able to pose questions to Portal curators at diverse sites around the world, from Gaza City to Yangon. “This partnership is an opportunity for us at Zoom to work with other technology innovators to create unique and eye-opening experiences for people around the world,” said Janine Pelosi, Head of Marketing for Zoom.

Check out Zoom in action in enabling:


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Download the press release here.