Portals are immersive spaces that connect people separated by distance and difference.

Upon entering a Portal, you’ll come face-to-face
with someone in a distant Portal as though you were in the same room.


Embrace Diversity

Our lives are made richer, deeper, and better when we engage with people different from ourselves.

Reject Tribalism

Reject Tribalism

Social media is driving us ever deeper into silos. Portals is what happens when we are intentional about designing our social infrastructure.

Amplify Marginal Voices

Amplify Marginal Voices

Every person has their own story to tell. Portals place participants on an equal footing and create space for genuine dialogue.


Use Portals for…



Activate your city or community

Honduras - stepping out of the Honduras Portal, Day 2 connecting with Austin.jpg


Create global connections for learning

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Bring a global audience to your event or brand

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Improve communication in your organization


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