Shared_Studios creates immersive portals across the world, connecting people separated by distance and difference.

When you enter, you come face-to-face
with someone in a distant portal as though in the same room.


Embrace Difference

Our lives are made richer, deeper, and better when we engage with people different from ourselves.

Reject Tribalism

Go Deep

Dynamic local curators at each location make authentic connection possible by providing conversation prompts, programming expertise and live language interpretation.

Amplify Marginal Voices

See the Full Human Bein

Face-to-face conversations empower us to embrace our differences and see the best in each other.


We are constantly building new portals in partnership with cities, schools, companies and other organizations to help drive the authentic exchange of ideas and perspectives across global communities — in a way that’s never before been possible. 

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Activate your city or community

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Create global connections for learning

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Bring a global audience to your event or brand

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Improve communication in your organization


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