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It’s an amazing technology, making it seem like you’re standing right in front of me.

- Barack Obama
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United Nations
Juniper Networks
Museum for the United Nations
Ikea Foundation
World Economic Forum
Google Cloud
Andover Public Schools
National Geographic
Harvard University
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Obama Foundation
Yale University
Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art
McMullen Museum of Art
Rotary International
Times Square Arts Alliance
Boston College
Oakland International High School
Gates Foundation
UN Climate Change Conference (COP27)
Johns Hopkins University
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum
Biden Cancer Initiative
Aspen Ideas Festival
Doha Debates
MIT Center for Constructive Communication
European Parliament
Cornell University
Wellington College
Marin Academy
Skoll World Forum
Yale University Art Gallery
Georgetown University
Compound 13
Gaza Sky Geeks
Gilman School
St. Albans School of Public Service
Reeperbahn Festival
University of Colorado at Boulder
Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design
Afghanistan National Institute of Music
Birch Wathen Lenox School
International Monetary Fund
Inter-American Foundation
Makers Valley
Parish Episcopal School
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Natural History Museum of Denmark
U.S. Institute of Peace
Greenwich Academy
Brooklyn Academy of Museum
Vanderbilt University
Federation Square
United World College
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Women Moving Millions
Planet Word
World 50
92nd Street Y
W Hotels
FIFA World Cup
Sustainable Green Environment Initiative
Parque Explorer
Impact Hub Nairobi
Intituto ProComun
Be Touched By Community
National Coalition of Girls' Schools
Marymount School
AIM Academy
Museo Tamayo
Heifer International
Northpark Mall
Tokyo Midtown
Year of Tolerance
Rye Arts Center

Portals exist around the world

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Powering transformative experiences

I felt as though I was in a different time in my life while speaking in the Portal

Amazing how these portals connect communities across the globe...

Basically, the most engaging conversation I’ve ever had.

The longer I stayed inside, the more I realized the power of communication especially between people we're told we shouldn't communicate with!

To have had the chance to step into a Portal and have a kind of connection like that, frankly, would have helped me to understand the place and the people.

We forged an incredible community!

Connecting with other people on a deep level allows us to develop our humanity and understanding.

In a word: flawless.

Life has thrown me a gift...wrapped in a gold shipping crate.

I have never been to Iran, and this was my first time performing for an audience in Iran.

That was fantastic…a great tool.

I’ve worked at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum for 25+ yrs and I can honestly say that this is one of the best things we’ve ever done.

My kids learned more about Day of the Dead traditions and Mexico in those 15 minutes than in hours of classroom time.

We been utilizing the Portal in so many ways and it’s been helping control the violence that goes on in these neighborhoods. It’s been doing a world of a difference.

That was one of the most insightful consumer engagement conversations we've ever had.

This is really the most meaningful work I’ve seen at Twitter ever. So inspiring and so moving.

It's an amazing technology, making it seem like you're standing right in front of me.

Portals is a game-changer for global education.

What the Portal does, is it doesn't just give you those faces. It's not a newspaper. You feel you are right there.

Shared Studios Stories Portal was a unique, engaging, and rewarding experience for our conference attendees.

Inspiring and groundbreaking.

We have leveraged their Portals network and Journeys to help our customers explore topics of interest to them while boosting our own brand in their eyes.

The Portal experience we had in US History class was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had.

Getting over fear is all you have to do to have a connection.

It was very real, almost like he was standing right there in front of me. It made me so happy I cried.

Portal invents a purer experience.

I will be thinking about my conversation for a long time.

Profoundly beautiful...exactly what social media technology should be used for.

It has been such a gift to be witness to a growing, maturing, loving way of being in this young world.

I will be thinking about my conversation for a long time

By removing this technology from that context and placing it in “art” and making a physical space, Portal invents a purer experience.

This is an experience like no other....I was emotionally speechless

This experience was so eye-opening. Inside the portal, time and place fade away.

Intimate – awkward – human – blessed.

Best first date ever :)

As the translator, this was an amazing and the most eye-opening conversation I’ve had in so long.

we laughed from our hearts, because we connected

It is a jarring and real experience.

Wow! It was like being there.

Fantastic concept + flawless execution

I just witnessed my husband communicate with a refugee in Germany that moved me beyond comprehension.

This was a truly special experience.

This portal is a gift, a treasure in time that I feel will one day be incredibly impacting!

I’ll never forget this day!

I felt as though we were breathing the same air.... The potential to bridge the gap between unlikely spaces, people and time with this project is remarkable!

Thank you for a moving and provocative experience- and for democratizing the U.N.H.Q.

Here’s one step closer to a more unified, tight knit, loving world and human race.

His message - talk with refugees, not about them. Powerful.

The Portal is a place where you lose yourself — however momentarily — and exist in a space with no time, place, language, constraint.

Art can change the world – and this project is an epic fresh step.

Amazing how the first moments and awkwardness gave ground to joy

As an educator, constantly opening my students’ eyes to current happenings in the world...Before I can do that I need to open up my own.

Amazing, incredible profoundly beautiful and connective experience.

Mind blowing.... You are opening your soul and your thoughts to another human being.

We saw a lot of killing in front of us in Mosul, but now we have a better life in the camp. I hope to come here every day and see my lovely friends in the Portal.

The Portal worked perfectly, like magic.

This experience was unimaginable and incredible.

This was the best hour of my life.

Getting to know him briefly has been a highlight of my life.

I felt honored that someone would want to take time out of their day to connect with me.

The Portal was a very unique and sublime experience.

I am grinning. Overjoyed and inspired.

A connection triggered. Lovely and almost ethereal.

I wish this was compulsory education in high schools.

Best birthday present I could get.

I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

It is an exquisite and unforgettable experience!

The Portal is a gift of presence, connection and oneness.

A terribly important art exhibit that instantly breaks down the arbitrary borders we put between countries.

This has changed my life. We need a forever Portal!

Shared Studios came highly recommended to us, and they greatly exceeded our already high expectations.

Best experience ever in my life entering this Portal and speaking with someone from Havana, Cuba.

This was one of the highlights of my life.

I will be thinking about my conversation for a long time.

I know I will cherish and treasure this experience for my whole life.

I had goose bumps and wanted to reach out and touch the screen.

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