Portals are a global public art initiative created by Shared_Studios.


When people enter a Portal, they feel as though they are sharing the same space as someone in an identical Portal, somewhere else on Earth.

Portals are staffed by human beings – curators who provide live language interpretation, organize events, and facilitate connections between their local communities and the world.

Everyday, Portals host dialogues, performances, classes, collaborations, and more, and are freely accessible to the public.  

Community partners have built permanent Portals in diverse locations around the globe, including Iraqi refugee camps, American cities, Afghan universities, Mexican public parks and German libraries.



Through patented innovations in hardware, software and design, participants can use Portal environments to engage life-size, making eye contact, as if sharing the same space. Portal structures include Outdoor Portal_Containers, Indoor Containers, Portal_Screens, Portal_Inflatables, Portal_Buses and Portal_Rooms. We are also able to integrate existing AV systems into our Portals network. Learn more.








Together, Portal Curators form a trusted, global community of people who program dialogues, classes and events, lead local outreach and provide live language interpretation.