Portals active spaces in and around your museum with live experience that create thematic tie-ins and amaze guests.

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My goal is to find innovative experiences to engage with audiences in meaningful ways.

It’s important for me to demonstrate commitment to issues like climate change and diversity & inclusion.

I want unforgettable content that can be usable across advertising and social media campaigns.

I’m seeking activations that attendees will remember for years to come.

It’s important for my students to explore key themes, like climate change and immigration, through people with lived experiences.

My goal is to expose learners to new perspectives and a world outside their own.

I’m seeking engagements that help my students  develop competencies, like emotional empathy and cross-cultural collaboration.

I want to find innovating ways to set our curriculum apart from other learning institutions.

My goal is to bring unique speakers and performers that will amplify our exhibits.

It’s important for our museum to have spaces that provide innovative new ways to engage patrons.

I want to create unforgettable experiences for our donors and VIPs.

I’m seeking exciting content to be used on our social media.

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We are creating a network of museums interconnected through Portals, allowing you bring world class researchers and exhibits into your own museum. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

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